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It took 50 weeks... but finally got my paper form 1 back. 300 rounds through it an no problem. The YHM Turbo for it is still months off.
JB Billet lower
BAD take down pins
Seekins bolt catch
Timney flat trigger
KNS pins
Ergo grip
PWS end plate
Elftman push safety
UnbrandedAR tube
Geissele Super 42 buffer and spring
BCM stock
Odin Works mag release

Bootleg INC upper
Geissele Super charging handle
PWS Enhanced DI bolt carrier
PWS 10.75" barrel 1/8 twist
223 Wylde chamber
PWS CQB comp
JP Enterprises A2 Sight/gas block
IWI gas tube
Daniel Defense FSP rail
BCM stubby grip
Streamlight Protac
Leupold LCO

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All the world is a compromise. With a bullpup you get short, but at the cost of wonky handling characteristics and generally rather second rate triggers.

With an SBR (especially an AR) you get high gas port pressure, and all the issues that come along with it. Even with the 14.5” barreled M4’s, over-gassing is a persistent issue that few ever talk about. Much less an issue in semi-auto, but can be a full on nightmare in full auto! In full auto, the issue is very high cyclic rates, which causes all sorts of issues. Magazine timing issues, overheating, extractor bounce, early opening, etc. In semi auto you can still have those issues, but they become much less pronounced.

The issue is much less when the weapon is new. But as gas rounds off the gas ports, it causes the gasses to travel at an even higher velocity, which just exacerbates issues.

In 2008 at the battle of Wanat there were a large number of weapons that became unserviceable due to heat related issues. When they traced it all down, it was found that the issues were related to high cyclic rates on full auto. Earlier detection of worn gas ports on the weapons could have helped greatly. Given the circumstances they were under, it’s likely they were going to experience overheated weapons no matter what, but M4’s with non-worn gas ports would have delayed the point of failure; which is never a bad thing.

When you SBR a rifle, especially an AR, then you have to know that you will wear out gas ports much earlier, and you will have to address over-gassing. Most are using adjustable gas ports which is a good start, but even they can be worn out. So you just need to know what you’re getting yourself into with an SBR AR.

Issues related to over-gassing on something like an AK are much less critical, as the AK has much farther travel of the bolt carrier group, which adds a touch of a delay in the cyclic rate, and also gives magazines more time to advance the next round.

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Never understood the attraction of an SBR. If you need short look for a bull pup.

Who notes the SMG has a certain attraction...

I had a Tavor at one point. I had no issues with it but I didn't find it as quick and natural as an AR15 (even one with a 16") barrel.
Technically the military's M4's are SBRs

But due to the fact that not everyone can have an SBR they are nice eye candy.

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