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First Look…

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…for TGZers: some semi-serious gun leather at some serious savings: Stuff f'Sale! It all belonged to a now-retired surgeon friend who used to see stuff in American Handgunner and place an immediate order… and then rarely if ever use the gear.

Bane can probably answer this and save me a call into Chip McCormick: whatever happened to Ernie Hill?!?
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I bet Safariland just beat him into the dust....I used to see a lot of Ernie Hill holsters get bent going into rollover prone at IPSC matches, but never saw a bent Safariland.

I've still got a Safariland buckleless belt which uses velcro and inside double frogs that I purchased in 1975. I figure I'll find some use for it. One good thing about it-it's good to wear if you're a bass player. No buckle means no scratches on the back of the guitar.

Then again, I still have a Bianchi "matched set": 1.75" belt, Askins Avenger, and two double mag pouches. I bought that for my first IPSC match in '81. I used it once in the last year shooting an IDPA match. It's still a good rig. It got a little loose, so I drilled a small hole through the leather at the front of the trigger guard and screwed in a flathead screw, then cut off the excess point with a Dremel tool. Now I can tighten it up. I did an old "retention test" drill with it just a couple of weeks ago: empty chamber but full mag in my GM, and did a slow somersault with it in the holster. Gun didn't budge.
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teh way of the dodo

That same EH holster and belt was my first IPSC rig. Still have it but the belt (34") shrunk and don't fit no mo' :D :) Wearing 38's now.

So if your friend has a 40" brown I'll buy it!

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