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No, I didn't go to see the latest Vegas style lounge act, but I actually received a midday visit from none other than our own . . .

(hearty applause crescendoing to a roar)

Bigg Bosss Mann!!!

He looks just like his picture!!! Except without the head phones, unlit Cohiba and shades. :wink:

It was nice meeting Fernando at long last. And he came bearing gifts, a big bunch of huge cigars, all quality stuff here, folks. It was a beautiful day to welcome a guest into the eye sore of Brinckerhoff here at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Thankfully, the weather also kept Fernando in a sunny disposition, as most people entering the property are suddenly overtaken by the extreme desire to run away at world record speed. And the morning quickly turned into mid-afternoon as the conversation flowed and the cigars were delicious.

One thing that was pleasantly confirmed for me is that Fernando is good people. This always came across in his messages on 'another web site' and in his e-mails. And in this increasingly evil world, it's always nice to know you can meet nice people, because nice people make the world run better, and Fernando makes his part of the world run better.

And although I said I wouldn't get involved in discussions on hot button social topics or political discussions, and put away the controversy and bawdy humor when I came here, I must nonetheless bring something to light here.

Fernando also struck me as the kind of person that most people in places like New York City and other 'culturally enlightened' :wink: cities in the country wouldn't think of as being a gun enthusiast.

Since the time that I have moved up to this semi-rural area of Dutchess County, New York from the big bad city itself, I have had my desire to participate in responsible firearms ownership deepened, having as neighbors many folks in law enforcement, and also encountering local taxi drivers and other average Joe's and Jane's for whom such participation is just another part of American life.

And having experienced a transition from a typically modern young American man who 'wasn't political' to an ancient old goat who now believes it's absolutely essential for every citizen to have at least a modicum of sociopolitical awareness, I have tried to become more fully educated in that area, and that includes The Second Amendment. And I have found quite a sound basis and can see an actual necessity for responsible, law abiding citizens all over the country to want to own firearms, but God forbid you should casually drop that at dinner with friends in New York City or some other such place.

Well folks, I don't know if such a discussion exists on these forums, and I'm not the one to start it, partially because I do not yet own firearms, and have little experience being around a lot of firearm owning folks, but of the ones I have met, I've found that they're just regular good folks. And it would be nice to see if . . .


died in the wool New York City rat could be persuaded to understand that fact and stop thinking of all other Americans who just happen to own firearms as part of . . .

"a bunch of trigger happy, Klan loving, trailer park trash, southern fried, right wing morons."

I know it might be asking too much to ask of any ONE person in New York City, or that 'other such city' on the 'left' coast to stop thinking of firearm owning people that way, but Fernando struck me as a wonderful ambassador to help change such attitudes and bring people together.

And I say 'bring people together' because as a word processing operator and all around document producer for the past 18 years, when you're typing fast, one of the most common mistakes in typing occurs when you are inputting the phrase 'United States' and it keeps coming out 'Untied States.'

Need I say any more? This is your AMERICAN back yard.

Let's hope it remains so.
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