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FN Five Seven

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Hello folks,
I did a little trading with my local dealer for a new FN Five Seven(I was intrigued with the round) And wondered if anyone had any experience with these?I really like the workmanship,fit and finish of the pistol,Now I will just have to get used to all of this plastic! Thanks for any input or info.
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Jere is a big quistion??? I have a 5.7MM Johnson /22 spitfire , It is my M-1 carbine IMI put out a barrel and receiver and i bought it, It replaced my 30 carbine reciever and barrel, the 5.7MM that i use is a 30 carbine round necked down to a 22 cal 40 grain up to 50 grain bullet, is this the same round that is used in the FN 5.7,?? I still have the 30 carbine barrel and reciever and I got the dies for reloading from RCBS, all the other parts are inter changeable the Die i have also necks down the 30 carbine round.
I was talking to someone on the 1919A4 board and they said the FN 5.7 is a 32 cal case necked down?? so if that is the case then their are 2 5.7 rounds going around!!!
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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