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Jere is a big quistion??? I have a 5.7MM Johnson /22 spitfire , It is my M-1 carbine IMI put out a barrel and receiver and i bought it, It replaced my 30 carbine reciever and barrel, the 5.7MM that i use is a 30 carbine round necked down to a 22 cal 40 grain up to 50 grain bullet, is this the same round that is used in the FN 5.7,?? I still have the 30 carbine barrel and reciever and I got the dies for reloading from RCBS, all the other parts are inter changeable the Die i have also necks down the 30 carbine round.
I was talking to someone on the 1919A4 board and they said the FN 5.7 is a 32 cal case necked down?? so if that is the case then their are 2 5.7 rounds going around!!!
I've located a custom reloaded that can provide 5.7x33mm ammo for the M1 Carbine who is interested in how many enthusiasts would be interested in placing orders for ammo in lots of 250 rounds or more? There are also a number of us working on a project of getting a 1911 prototype built to mass produce! Anyone interested? Let me know!
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