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FN Five Seven

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Hello folks,
I did a little trading with my local dealer for a new FN Five Seven(I was intrigued with the round) And wondered if anyone had any experience with these?I really like the workmanship,fit and finish of the pistol,Now I will just have to get used to all of this plastic! Thanks for any input or info.
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I'd like to pick one up, I've started getting interested in high vel small bore centerfires, though the AP angle holds no interest. But right now they are still WAY too high in price. Too much money for so little metal. :lol: Maybe once the US models come in the IOM prices wil drop. Used prices don't hold much relief either. In the last few weeks I've found 4 of them for sale, all asking for more than new ones cost? Dunno.

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I had been inquiring about building sort of a 270 version of the 25 Flea / a 270 Ren short enough to work on the single six. We got to discussing the Snapper, and Dave had a borrowed reamer on hand at the time so... next thing ya know... :D
Still kicking around the 270 idea, though it wouldn't be a high velocity round for sure.
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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