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First time posting in here. Have a small gun collection and looking for the value and to sell a Colt AR-15, SP1. It appears to have the original Colt markings and my understanding is it's worth about $2000.00 without the box and in excellent condition.
Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any pertinent information.


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Well, welcome, but it's not considered good form to show up at a joint and immediately start trying to sell stuff. Not sure if there's an actual forum rule against it or not, but don't be surprised if your two selling posts get yanked at some point. :confused:

Hang around a while, join the conversation, and THEN try to sell us stuff. ;)

BTW, I too have an SP-1. It wasn't all that long ago that they were considered the bottom of the AR barrel, not something a "real" AR guy would want to own. Now they're retro, very cool, and VERY desirable. Only change I've made on mine is replacing the stupid receiver screw with a drop-in detent pin. I've got an original Colt scope for it, too, which has also become very de$irable.

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IF you're going to immediately "peddle stuff", the least that you could do is have a REMINGTON MODEL 7600P police carbine in 7.62NATO for sale.

Oldtimers here, like me for example, all KNOW that I'm NO FAN OF "The Mattel Special" in any of its various guises. ====> "You can tell it's MATTEL. It's swell."

yours, sw
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