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For our Wingnuts: 2nd B-29 approaching flight status

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Just got a note about this from AOPA--Doc, which has a very good chance at giving the world a second flyable B-29, is one fundraiser away from being fully capitalized for the road back to the skies.

They're already fully funded as far as having pledges toward goal, and I know there's no love lost between most of us and the Leftards at Kickstarter (I'm surprised they let this one stand, actually) but this one might be worth a check-out.
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I hate to say it but that's a Photoshop--those look like Iowa-class main barbettes.

Kalinin K-7, which the Commie-lovers at Truth or Fiction still claim larger than a B-52 even after I gave them primary-source citations that all said Advantage BUFF.

Actually, Doc's already done engine-tests, now that they're funded it's just a matter of waiting through the winter for warm weather--the engine oil needs to be at at least 50 degrees for start-up.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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