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To the Make Ready Forum Membership -

The forum updates that we recently announced are completed and the site is now running on vBulletin versus the previous phpBB platform. The site is also running on a different server which should help improve the overall performance of the site. With these changes in place, the forum is now accepting new members again. You will also notice a link at the top right corner of the forum. Please click on that link before you login for the first time on this new platform. You have to reset your password. That was the only downside of switching platforms.

In addition to the forum updates and changes, there is also another change I would like to announce. As of yesterday afternoon, I am no longer the owner of the forum. I sold it to Daniel, screen name Lash. He reached out to me about the site and wanted to help improve it. When he offered to purchase the site from me, I was initially apprehensive at the thought of selling the forum. Having started this site almost a decade ago, it was a difficult decision to make. Daniel has promised to keep the forum with the same content and do his best to grow the site. The name will remain the same as well. I will be staying on as one of the forum admins and posting when I can. Special Ed is also here as an admin.

This is a new chapter for the forum and a chance for it to grow much faster than it was doing in recent months. Together we can make the forum even better. Thank you for being a member of the site.

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"May you live in interesting times..." often referred to as a 'Chinese curse." I take it as the opposite, a challenge, a new opportunity, a chance to breath new life into the forum.

Fernando's spirit, which made this forum unique is still present but, Daniel has the time to focus on the forum and the coding experience to take it to the next level. I hope these are interesting times for everyone.

I would also like to extend my personal thanks to Fernando Coelho for founding this forum and doing whatever he could to keep it going even though he had so many more pressing issues on his plate. We were never the biggest but I always felt we were the best due to the general quality of the members, their aggregate knowledge and level of discourse.

Thanks Fernando! :(

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Hello everyone! Yeah, I've been busy as I've moved the website to a new server and did a massive undertaking to get the database exported into this new forum software. There is only one more big change to the website and that will involve getting the sections restructured to make finding things easier and better laid out.

I have been involved with other forums and have seen new site ownership come in and start charging the users, and I want to squash that thought before it ever comes up, as that will never happen here. Every function and feature to use the site will always be free to the community. I cannot stress that enough.

The forum staff will be staying the same, so the same community guidelines are still in place.

The changes you can expect to see in the coming days is more work on getting things dialed in around the site, the new sections and layout I mentioned above, and then I plan on adding more functions to the site. My focus will be improving and upgrading the forum and website.

To tell you more about me, I'm a disabled veteran, was in the Army, and I like M14 rifles and Rugers.

Please post up or send me a PM if you have any questions for me.

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