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Found My Remington Model 7615 After >2 Years!

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As a considerable number of our "long-time members" know, I'm "addicted to" the Remington pump-rifles & have been looking for a NICE & REASONABLY-PRICED Model 7615 for well over TWO YEARS, with NO success whatever.
(I've found several that were at "scalper's prices" and/or that looked like "50 miles of bad Texas dirt road" AND sometimes BOTH over-priced & "beat-up" too.)

Early Saturday afternoon I walked into GT Distributing in Austin & almost immediately spotted my "new to me" Model 7615 Police carbine in 5.56 NATO/.223 REM caliber.
(The little carbine has a 16.5" barrel & LOOKS brand new. - I don't think that the Temple (TX) Police Department ever issued/fired it, since it was purchased in 2005. - GOOD price too.)

All that I need now is to find a 10-round Remington or AR-15 Colt's magazine for the carbine.
(IF anyone knows where to get a NOS FACTORY magazine, PLEASE PM me.)

Note: Because a company's website says that they have these 10-round magazines, does NOT mean that they actually HAVE any for sale.
(One large company told me to "try again in 6 or 8 months"!!!)

Incidentally, I now have all of the various Model 76 pump-rifle variations except the .257 Roberts & the VERY RARE 7x57mm Mauser.
(The 7x57 was made only for a FEW months & NEVER sold in the Western Hemisphere.)

yours, sw
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To All,

THANKS to a GREAT forum member's email, I've now ordered a suitable magazine for my 7615.


The barrel is FINE. = I suspect that what you're talking about is simply BRAVO SIERRA (maybe from a business competitor), as every single person that I know who has one of these carbines is PLEASED.
(I cannot say the same for the .308 version however, as it is BRUTAL to shoot & the muzzle-blast from that 16" barrel has to be experienced to be believed when firing full-power ammo.)

yours, satx

I've never even seen/held a SOCOM 16 (which is essentially a M14 Rifle with a redesigned gas system & a 16.25" barrel) but I have handled & fired the Model 7600P (the "big brother" of the Model 7615) with standard 7.62x51 NATO FMJ ammo, about 15 years or more ago. =====> NOT an experience that I would care to repeat in this life, absent BOTH earplugs & my best set of muffs.
(That day I was using standard Army disposable ear plugs & it was definitely NOT enough hearing protection.)

One BIG difference in the SOCOM 16 & the Model 7600P in 7.62 NATO is WEIGHT. = The SOCOM 16 weighs almost 11 pounds with a full magazine versus about 9 pounds (fully-loaded) for the 7600P.
Not surprisingly, the recoil of the gas-operated SOCOM 16 is considerably LESS than the pump carbine.
Also, the price of the SOCOM 16 was almost 1800.oo & the Model 7600P was about 700.oo, when both weapons were new.

Two things seem likely however: Presuming that you miss your enemy with the bullet, you can likely deafen them AND burn them to death with the muzzle flash. = CHUCKLE.
(I once saw the 7600P fired on the MDSP range about 2100 & it looks like a miniature flame-thrower when fired at night.)

Note: The Model 7615P in 5.56 NATO weighs about 7.6 pounds loaded & it is "easily controllable" when fired with one hand. The recoil is "negligible" when loaded with mil-spec 5.56 ammo & fired from the shoulder.

yours, sw
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To All,

RECEIVED the 10-round magazine today. = PLEASED.

Now, if I can locate a good quality 2 to 3 power compact scope for the little carbine, I'll be a "happy camper". = At 70YO, my eyes aren't what they were & open sights just aren't my friend anymore.

yours, sw
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