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Cancelled from work again.

I could make the best of it. Hang out at and see if I can make you laugh and maybe contribute something over on Cigars and Spiritus Fermenti. What I will not do is get mentally ill over it. I'll just look at the "glass half full" side of it. I won't be spending $46 on a round trip to and from work, and somehow I'll get the overage back, . . .

if God wants me to.

Unofficial high of 95 in these here parts today. Thankfully, it was not so humid and the basement with the windows open ain't a bad place in the summer time. According to the weatherfolks, it's about to be spring again, a bit of rain and then a beautiful, brisk weekend.

That temperature's supposed to begin going down tonight.

Hmmmmmmmm, several days with highs in the 70's and lows in the 40's, maybe low 50's. You know what that could mean.


And planting that new grass seed, and seeing a real lawn by the end of the summer. New lawn mower's in. Can't wait to use it. Old fashioned push mower, 21st Century-style. We'll see.

But a cancellation from work could mean a nice big meal followed by a whiskey tasting. It's time for some more linguine with garlic and oil, with that nice organic Italian pasta I discovered recently, and nice safflower oil. That's right, I use safflower oil for most purposes, but I love whatever oil's in your bottle. Oil is good for humans, hippos, kittycats and the like. Be expecting to hear something about a 50-75 clove of garlic episode followed by a publication of a new Top Ten of Rye.

Bye bye.

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Bloof, the "old fashioned push mower," to which you refer; is it a genuine reel mower, completely human-powered, or just a standard mower with a little 2 cycle engine? (It's been over 14 years since I had to walk behind a mower of any kind--Sears 17.5HP lawn & garden tractor for me! I have a large yard, and most of it is on a slope.)
My grandparents lived next door and they had a reel mower. I used it to cut their small lawn once, then used Dad's Snapper after that.
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