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Reposted with permission from a friend on a private forum. This is NOT from some nameless email, I know the writer and have no reason to doubt him.

Something called "Plate pass" is hidden in Hertz rental cars. My wife visited our kids in New Jersey last month and used a rental car for a couple of days. My wife didn't know about the Platepass device, which works like Easy Pass but it charges a fee on top of whatever tolls you would supposedly bypass. My wife hit the Walt Whitman Bridge twice only during the trip and paid cash. $10 over three days.

Then: We got a mystery $27 charge on our credit card yesterday from PlatePass, and we did some research, and learned who and what this company is. Basically, Hertz allows them to charge their customers as an "independent" company for supposedly conveniently bypassing toll charges (probably a subsidiary company). We reversed the charges, but got a nasty email from the company claiming they have photos of the rental car at a booth on the other side of PA. Hmmm. My wife was waaaay too nice to them. She sent them a respectful follow-up email, but I am going to climb in their ass if this goes any further.

So, here is a run-down: Hertz will not take any customer complaints about this company. And passed on my credit card information to a third party without our expressed approval. And refuses to answer customer queries about fraudulent charges. Google "Plate Pass Scam." Oh my. Here is what I thought was a reputable rental car company. Never again. We have entered a fraud notification with the BBB (the charges, such as they were, were uniquely concocted. Interestingly, they put you in a position of having to prove a negative).

Bypass any rental car company that has Plate Pass in any of their cars (they hide the fact deep in rental agreements and refuse to take responsibility for the actions of their contractor). Boycott Hertz--stunningly frightening customer service with this thing. If you sniff that plate pass may ever have been in a rental car--run away. According to a lot of the fraud complaints, they have even sent pretend bills to customers who physically removed the device prior to leaving Hertz. To top it off, there is a $2.50 a day charge for having the device, on top of a steep service charge per toll. You pay tolls plus a huge premium even if you actually want to use the device.

Across the nation, they probably have racked up $Millions. There is probably a reason Hertz still sticks with this independent vendor.

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Thanks for that, Snake. I don't have many chances to use rental cars, and there are no Toll Roads or bridges in the immediate area, but that's a nice bit of info to have. I can see Hertz having cars in their fleet here with that device. Should we have an accident, my insurance company provides a rental. I know it would be their dime, but an extra $2.50 a day just for riding around in one that has this "convenience"? :confused:

Y'know, I embrace the technology of the 21st Century. In so many ways it's made our lives easier. But it's instances like this that kinda scare me.
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