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FREE Copies Of Liberty and Tyranny. . . .

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Do you love your country? Do you still have hope for it?

Well, okay, neither do I, but the Bible says "never tire of doing what is right," . . .


You see, I have this dilemma. I have decided that one of my cousins in Puerto Rico, well, it would be pointless. Okay, you want me to go back to the beginning, okayyyyyy.

Well, as some of you may know, when my father died he left me a real mess, a mountain I've been climbing for a year, and it may be at least another year before I'm able to finish, if ever. Besides the legal, financial and real estate based melange of things like tracking down attorneys and small businesspeople who are just about to retire, and thanking God they're alive, in addition to papers he never filed with government offices, there's some sad and dark stuff, too. My family and I slog through the quicksand of problems he left behind in an effort to put to bed the mess my grandmother left him when she died 25 years ago. And deal with almost definitely the fact that he probably was intimidated and perhaps abused by people who worked for him. He was also never a man of great means, but he was taken for some serious money, and a coin collection I never knew about, although I know he sold some pieces. It's an old story in Puerto Rico, old people who think they know it all, and don't want the family giving their advice, and turn to the wrong people, many times people who work for them.

That's what happens when you think you have the wisdom of Moses, are impossible to fool, and alienate all the good people, especially family, and wind up trying to be too much of your own man. My father had some words of wisdom for me a few times when I was young. Seeing I had a tendency to be a loner, he reminded me firmly but gently on a number of occasions, "no man is an island." He was right, and so I had to see the wisdom of being a loner vs. being all alone in the world. I developed some seriously good friendships, family like friendships, and remained close to certain relatives. Other relatives I wished I had remained close to, I'm just getting close to now.

But dear old Dad decided not to take his own very good advice some time around the age of 78 or so. He alienated some very good and very important people in the family, and closed the door in my face after opening me up to the situation in his lawyer's office back in '98. After my own situation back in my Dutchess County days started to crumble, I volunteered to move down with him, as originally planned, help him with his life. I tried for a year, to no avail. I picked up on that again a few years later, and went down for a trip in early '06. I grew increasingly suspicious and concerned, especially after my last real conversation with him last March. I was actually prepping to borrow money and run down to Puerto Rico to see for myself, when the call from family came in about his illness and hospitalization.

But never mind all that. I have been stumbling along, trying to serve The Lord for nearly 27 years. He has been good to me, and despite my father's own stumbling, and insisting on having us all, including me, closed out of his affairs, some of the money from his estate is going to serve the country in various ways. It is also going, much of the money from a land deal I'm involved with, in turning the main house back in to something I wouldn't have to pay someone to take off my hands. It's going to take quite a bit, and a lot of good work has already been done, but God willing all things go as they should, I'll have a rent free, functional again(!!!), small but very nice three bedroom house in the hills of the most remote area of Puerto Rico. So, the locations listed in my profile will probably be broken down as six months in Puerto Rico from now on. The five months a year I'll be in New York should provide me with enough work to pay for my split life if I give up having an apartment and just stay with friends. Then, thirty days in Nawth Calahna, broken in to two 15 day trips. No real home for 12 months a year anymore, constant culture jolts.

A nomadic existence indeed, and six months a year in a place where they thumb their nose at the United States, yet with the other hand go "gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme," all day long. Although I hate the weather, it's hard to argue with no rent, free mangos, grapefruits, key limes, cactus pears, coconuts, etc., that you didn't do anything for, they just grow outside your house. I like the life, and despite his ineptitude on certain fronts, I thank my Heavenly Father very much for my earthly father, even as I stare at the navy colored Greek Fisherman's cap he wore for many years here in NYC. As well, a picture of a bull well over 2,000 pounds he sent me in August 1975 greets me every time I open my closet door.

So Bloof, how does your dad's money help the country, and where are these FREE copies of Liberty and Tyranny? My reformation from liberalism was already beginning around the time I picked up the Bible, but manifested itself a few years later, when I started to listen to Rush and Bob Grant and realizing I wasn't crazy. Other people thought like that, too. Folks, Mark Levin is the greatest right now, because he can do those five things they're always talking about in baseball, that make you a greatest of all time kind of guy, hit, hit with power, whatever the other three are. Perhaps it's because he's also a constitutional attorney, perhaps it's because he served eight years in the Reagan administration. Perhaps it's because he's Bob Grant, Jr., with a little mix of Groucho Marx thrown in.

I did get a decent price on ten copies of Liberty and Tyranny internet shopping on Amazon while I was down in PR. They were in front of my door the day I got back. I'd already realized that it would be useless to offer it to anyone from NYC, and even if one of "them" were to stop by and see them laying there, they probably wouldn't take one. Even for free. Everyone likes free stuff, but ask a New Yorker to read anything like this, and it's like touching a rattlesnake to them. And as for relatives in Puerto Rico, I actually figured out two to send it to, but neither really need to read it. I still know it won't be wasted on them.

And that's the key, to have at least seven, maybe eight copies of this book laying around my life forever was NOT why I bought them. Do you know a beloved family member you'd like to give one to? Father's Day is coming up. Do you know a liberal, true socialist, whatever that guy at the water cooler, or woman in the boardroom wants to call themselves, who it WOULDN'T be wasted on? Yup, FREE copies of Liberty and Tyranny, folks, as my personal service to the country, using my father's resources. It's better than trying to engage folks in conversation and hoping to convince them in that fashion. Better to surreptitiously work books in to other peoples lives, from folks who can really put it out there the right way. I've been shouted down, smacked down, dismissed enough to know when a different method needs to be tried. Since I really do take my at least decade long NRA and soon to be Tea Party member responsibilities seriously, but can't do it by opening my mouth, I'll do it in a simple gesture. Give a few books away. Send me a PM, but don'tcha dare send me a check for anything, even the shipping. These are free, to your door, to try and save the country, one mo' tahm, . . .

if it can be done, IF "this once great republic" really is worth saving. I've seen a lot of people down in Puerto Rico who are just like the people I see in New York, when Bob Grant and I say, but is it WORTH saving? I've got nothing else better to do. Free stuff folks, free copies of Liberty and Tyranny. All it takes is a PM and a willingness to try and set a liberal straight.
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