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Please email if interested:

This started life as an M1A SOCOM II. After using it for a bit, I decided to lighten it up. I ditched the cluster rail, added the VLTOR modstock, and tried it out hunting. I have to say, it's much better this way. Not looking to split it up yet. I want to sale it as a package.

Here are the details:
Smith Enterprises SOCOM 16 Kit with NM front sight
VLTOR Modstock in FDE with EMOD instead of standard carbine modstock
Fiberglass USGI Handguard
Smith Enterprises bottom rail with sling loop
Bipod and mount included
ARMs #18 mount
ARMs #22 rings
2x USGI CMI 20 round mags
M14 combo tool and chamber brush
M14 field manual

Price- $1800 obo - Will also accept trade + cash for a Glock 21 or a Kimber Compact of some sort.

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