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FS/T: Detonics Combat Master .45

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New link and pin have tightened the gun up to where it should be, and the gun remains perfectly reliable.
It still needs new grips.
For Sale or Trade. Make an offer.
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This is an early "MK-1" that has Commander hammer and spur added to it to prevent the viscious bites the Detonics can give you.
I have 2 spare recoil springs for it and 3 mags. One mag is factory and to are after market. One of the aftermarkets only holds 5 rounds and not 6 like the other two, but all mags feed the gun just fine.
I carry it only occasionally now, as I am either packing my 8045 Mini Cougar or my Kel Tec P3AT.

I'm not looking for specific guns to trade for so make any interesting offer... Preferences for Berettas, CZ's, or 1911 Commanders. Money via Postal Money Order, please. I would like about 500 cash for it. My Bronco needs new tires and that's about how much it would take to skin it. If you have a Ford truck and have a set of good wheels and tires and some other Bronco stuff, that would make for an interesting trade too.

Thanks for looking.
Deal Pending.
You can't seem to decide whether to keep that thing or not, can you? ;) You'll be kicking yourself later!
Oh shut up.

Your probably right... But I'm looking for something that I don't just like, but actually like to shoot with and carry regularly. The Detonics - I love them... I really do. I just dont like shooting them.
Let me know if your deal goes through or not, I'd love to have a second one.

Best way to reach ne is [email protected]


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Brian --- there was an article in one of the gun rags I read that someone is starting to reproduce the Detonics again. They will be made only in stainless (if I remember correctly)-- MSRP will be in the $1200 range
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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