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The Son and I got to see the movie this afternoon look like very little CGI used.The best part of the movie was the tank battle 1 Tiger and three Sherman's was bad ass.I give the movie 3 stars out of five except for Norman the other characters just developed to slow.But then again while some of the CGI in the 2nd Pearl Harbor definitely had its moments story wise was better.Some of the forums shoot me for that they want a straight up war movie well if that's your calling this one gets an 80% and enjoy.

Son look up and the only operational Tiger in the world was used and all the Sherman's were Sherman's just different eras.Also a flyby of P-51's to short looked legit (5).The tank looked small cramp and unlivable;real.Collier(Pitt) carried an STG44 the whole movie good choice of arms :)
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