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This just in from an irregular correspondent:
Well, I finally got to be present for a Glock self-disassmbly. A shooter in Stock D made a much louder BANG than usual, then was dangling his gun from obviously unhappy fingers. The Glock in question was the longslide in .40 S&W (G-35? G-36? One of them) and he was shooting reloaded cast truncated cone bullets (I just know you are so surprised...).

The magazine remained in the gun. The chamber split, peeling back the top of the slide by 1/8" or more, and of course the middle of the slide was bucked way up off of the frame. I peeked in where the chamber used to be and saw a whole lot of brass confetti. Paul Miller was called down to do his Match Director thing, and passed judgement: you is done on this stage, but if you have another gun you can stay in the match. Needless to say, the unhurt but very shaken up shooter didn't do too well with his 1911A1 the rest of the match.

I removed the magazine before doing anything else, BTW, and it slid out very nicely. From this, and the other evidence, I conclude it was an overcharged load, not a classic unsupported-web kBoom!

Not very exciting to you, jaded roué that you are, but I'd never seen it before.
A long-slide .40 S&W Glock would be the no-longer catalogued Model 24, I believe.

Any one else at the San Juan Shooting Range for this event?
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