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Gadzooks, they should know better!

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Referring to the S&W ad in this month's American Rifleman, featuring a foxy femme brandishing a 642, bbl pointed down, finger inside trigger guard.

I thought that stuff only happened in Hollywood.
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You have to consider the source, S&W. :roll:
Where's Eddie Eagle when we need him?
Perhaps she has just capped a rapist/carjacker, is covering him (out of sight, on the ground next to the car), and is doing a quick scan for witnesses or accomplices.

Okay, I'm tryin' here....
Excellent reasoning. Nonetheless, as I remember my Ayoob, the trigger finger should now be curled on the slide, just above the trigger guard. Maybe it is, and we just have a weird camera angle.

In any event, I'm sure she's lethal enuf without the snubby. She could seize the tactical advantage merely by crooking her finger at me.
Yeah, but is she hot?
Beauty Hotness is in the eyes of the beholder!
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