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A new word enters the lexicon (note the qualifier "so-called," a sure signal that the media is making this one up on the fly) as the U.K. resorts to the same old approach... more laws... in response to a mildly troubling mass death... it would only have been "horrifying" had the 19 decedents been Anglo, of course.
British police began a search on Saturday for the labor agents of 19 mainly Chinese migrants who drowned on a beach gathering shellfish in northwest England.

Detectives said they expected to make arrests within days and were also searching for the people to whom the 19 low-wage workers were sent to gather cockles in Morecambe Bay when they were engulfed by the rising tides of the Irish Sea on Thursday. Politicians led calls for laws to be tightened in the murky world of gang labor, where so-called gangmasters farm out migrant laborers, often illegally, to do poorly paid jobs in agriculture and unskilled industrial work like construction.

"We need regulation of gangmasters because at the moment we know very little about these people," Geraldine Smith, a local legislator with Prime Minister Tony Blair's ruling Labour Party, told Reuters.
All of it: Britain Hunts Gangmasters After Cockle Pickers Die

The supposition is that the U.K. will have about as much success with any legislation dealing with this as they have with their "zero tolerance" firearms prohibitions!
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