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Getting Started in Archery

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Archery is something I've always been interested in, but I've never really gotten into. What would you recommend as far as reading material, equipment, training etc.?
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Getting Started

Jason: Get a copy of "Hunting with the Bow and Arrow" by Saxton Pope. A real classic. Another great read is the "Adventerous Bowmen" by Pope. Another classic is the "Witchery of Archery" by Maurice Thompson. If you really feel that you need to know the spirit of archery, get a copy of "Toxophilus, by Roger Ascham, in Olde English(written in 1545). Then there is "Hunting the Hard Way" by Howard Hill.( In the Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood, Howard Hill actually does the shooting-of the King's men and splitting the arrow, etc. Not like the 'new' version where all of the shooting is done with 'smoke and mirrors') Another good read is "Sagittarius" by Bob Swinehart. Once you finish this initial assignment, I'll give you a few more titles.
Good luck and Good shooting!! :cheers:
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I started bow hunting back in the 70's and again in the 80's where I got cought up in all that compound stuff, sights, balisters, etc. etc. When I was done My bow weight was more then my rifle. I then went back to instintive shooting with a recurve and loved it. Then I went a step further back and started making my own arrows and started shooting a longbow. It took a little longer to get my first Deer but when I did the waiting was worth it. To me the thrill of bowhunting isn't in the Kill but it's in the stalking of the deer and seeing how close you can get to it. On one occasion I actually reached out and touched a small stupid doe that walked right passed me within about three feet. I almost scared her to death. She turned and stood there with her knees shaking. I started to laugh so hard I almost piddled my pants.
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I too shoot a longbow and a recurve. Everyone else on my lease has the latest Matthews it seems every Year.Its what they want and thats okay. They shoot alot more critters than me too.
I have owned several Bows from Compounds to Longbows over the last 7 years and for me it is the simplisity and spirirt of the Stick and String that calls me back.I being obsesive compulsive have to accesorize to much it seems with my Compounds and am never quite satisfied.
The longbow and recurve is just alot more fun to me. Heck I even started making my own strings last if I could just get that dang serving down right I might even get to use some of them. :lol:

retiredsgt gave you a good list of reading material and I think you'll catch on from there.
I started shooting at an indoor league for kids at a local rec center when I was 10 yrs old w a Ben Pearson Collegian bow. Check w JOAD, they may be able to put ya in touch w folks who can start an adult off on the right foot too.

My first compound was a PSE Citation in the mids 70s or so. My last a Jennings Model T in the early 80s when I went back to recurves.

Shooting Martin/Howatt bows now, Ventura and Hunter recurves and Savannah longbows.

In archery we have three goals: to shoot accurately, to shoot powerfully, to shoot rapidly.
- Anonymous Byzantine general, On Strategy (Peri Strategias) c. AD 527-65
In archery we have three goals: to shoot accurately, to shoot powerfully, to shoot rapidly.
- Anonymous Byzantine general, On Strategy (Peri Strategias) c. AD 527-65
Might this be where Jeff Cooper came up with DVC for the modern technique/IPSC? - Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas Accuracy, Power, Speed.
Who knows how the Colonel came up w it? Who knows how the ancient General came up with it?

They are pretty basic concepts? Neanderthals probably tried to throw rocks and spears the same way? :wink:
It's also the basis for Schmit's spear throwing technique :wink:

Note the proper apparel: Royal Robbins 5.11 pants, polo shirt and GlockTalk hat :lol:
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Yeah, but did he hit the gel block!?

He ain't throwin' that through my chrono screens either... :lol:
He wanted to try it on a gel block but he was met with a firm and collective NO! Dean has a picture of what he did manage to hit with the thing.

A chrono....hmmmm... that could have been interesting back at Triton. We could have hooked him up to the Oehler system, attached a strain guage to his forehead, and measured both the velocity of the spear through the screens and the pressure curve put out by his thinking process. Darn, I wish I had thought of that! :rotflmao:
Bringing this thread back with a new twist.
What would y'all recommend for an archery-ignorant parent of a 10 year old interested in getting started in archery? Compound? Recurve? We will be learning together.
See if there is a JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) program around. Don't have to have the Olympics in mind either; it's usually good folks and a good place to start.

Or check w local clubs/shops for info on instruction for both of you.

You could just buy some cheap stuff and kinda "sink or swim", but I am a firm believer in getting somebody who knows how to teach start you off right.
Hi, Jason. You want to hunt or just shoot? It makes a difference. Before you think about which bow, decide how much money you want to spend. A compound hunting bow can easily cost a month's rent plus the better part of $100 for a dozen arrows and some must have accessories. Starting with an arm guard. Relax, it doesn't have to, but it can. A used compound bow isn't a bad thing.
If you just want to shoot go with a recurve. Arrows can still be the 'C' note, but don't have to. $50 to $60 will get you a dozen wooden arrows. The arm guard and shooting glove are required. Depending on where you are, a Cabelas store is a good place to go.
Go to a bow shop, get measured for arrow length and talk to them. Buy a copy of The Archer's Bible and start doing upper body exercises. Never buy any bow that has a draw weight of more than you can easily lift said weight. You'll hurt yourself. You use muscles pulling a bow that you use for nothing else. Back and shoulder. When you get a bow, any bow, push the bow away from you as you pull the string. You should be at full draw when you've raised the bow to eye level.
Venabulum, bow shop. Your needs are not the same as your kid's. There are both compound and recurve sets made for kids that don't cost a ton of money. I'm in Canada, for about $60Cdn you can get a set in either with a few arrows and the vital arm guard. Trust me, an arm guard is essential. But go to a bow shop. They'll have what you need for both of you. And training.
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some suggestions if your beginning in archery would be get a recurve in the weight zone of 15-25 lb for your youngster and maybe 20-30 lbs for yourself. Over at ebay you will be able to find used older bows in those weight ranges. Dont pay more than 50 each for the bows as after you decide if you want to be an archer you will progress to another bow. Believe me, behind my back hang close to 10 bows, well give or take a few. A recurve is the most forgiving to begin with. And a lighter draw bow will enable you to learn good form. If you have to struggle to draw back the bow it will inpede you.

Arrows of equal weight and length. I would suggest for the youth 1214, and 1813 for yourself. The most important thing is they are all the same.
You can get tabs and armguards at Wally Mart, and begin using a 3 fingers under. Meaning place the arrow nock end on the string and place your tabbed hand underneath the nock. 3 fingers. draw the bow back to the corner of your mouth, and anchor there. Get into the habit of anchoring for at least 10 seconds. Your eyes on your target. Your body side ways to the target, your feet about shoulder distance apart, the foot on the side of your drawing arm should be slightly forward of your other foot. This will help you from hitting your arm under the armguard. Take a deep breath and enjoy!
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