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going to Germany, will carry something

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The museum director of the Berlin Wall Museum Dr. Axel Klausmeier just called and invited me to go with him for a one day tour of the entire wall. They want to film me at Checkpoint 23 where I tried to save the life of a German child, The Zehlendorf S Bahn where I climbed down a rope made from rifle slings to rescue an Anerican G I who had fallen through a skylight, and in the Grunewald where I was with a patrol who assisted a German family in getting through the wire.
I'll probably carry a good old pocket knife, or go to a knife shop on the K Damn that has been there since the war.
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I lived in Berlin from 70-75. A wonderful city for a young man.

Do me a favor and have a currywurst and pommes frites for me, will you? :mrgreen:
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