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O.K. guys, I'm trying to get a little Class 3 something lined up for the company so I have a deal for anyone who's interested, the funds from it's sale will go towards the post dealer sample Krink we want!


The following item is being sold at cost and includes one factory original BM59 mag by Beretta.

This is a National Ordinance BM59 clone which was made in the early 80's. It has all Military parts and is a well done rewelded USGI receiver.

The weapon looks nice and the only issue is a crack in the upper handguard.

These rifles run well and the recoil is mild even though it's a 308 cal rifle. (308 NATO)

If the buyer needs extra mags no problem, I have several in stock.

The rifle, 1 sling and 1 authentic BM59 mag is:

$650.00!!! (shipping included)

Please Note:

For west coast buyers please add 10 bucks extra for shipping since I'm way over here on the East coast and the package will have to cross all 3 USPS zones.


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