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The 45th Annual Grammy Awards have come and gone. The ceremony should have been called the Nora Jones Awards Ceremony with the amount of awards she took home. On the brighter side, Eminem didn't get them.

The opening song of the show by Simon & Garfunkel was excellent, followed by Dustin Hoffman making the next announcements. I was waiting for someone to reference Mrs. Robinson! :thumbsup:

What happened to Faith Hill? Was it her hair? Her complexion or her voice? Maybe all of the above. One thing that got everyone's attention was that short, short skirt of hers. :shock:

James Taylor also did a great performance.

Robin Williams is classic. He won the award for comedy album and deserved it.

Then there is the member from a group called Limp Biscuit that got up there and did an anti-war plug. I say we ship him and his group off to Iraq for a concert. I'm sure they'll just love him.

I have just one word for Bruce Springsteen - PROZAC

N Sync did a tribute to the Bee Gees. I think the award ceremony would have been better if someone else got up there instead of these aging pop singers. They were terrible.

Two commercials caught my attention. That new Chevy SSR looks cool! I want one in red with a blower! That new Bruce Willis movie, "Tears of the Sun" starts march 7th and looks very interesting.

That's it from me. Anyone else catch the show?
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