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Green Acres Festival coming to TV Land . . .

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the weekend of April 3rd and 4th. That should be easy to remember since it's the same weekend we turn the clocks forward. Caught an episode just a couple hours ago. Ahhhhhh, talk about great TV shows!!! Arnold The Pig. Now THAT was a star worthy of the title! And who could forget Eb, oozing more intelligence than a Harvard professor and Mr. Haney, who had better deals every day than Walmart ever had in its entire history!!!

And no episode would be complete without the train, a setup the likes of Union Pacific only WISHED it ever had.

Green Acres.

Cut me a slice of America!!!!
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So folks, are we liking it so far? They seem to be showing a lot of episodes with Arnold the Pig. That's great!!! :D
Well, it's over and here I am at work. It was a blast, and you can still catch individual episodes at their regular time of 9:30 Eastern Time on TVLand.

Arnold the Pig in all his glory!!! Glad they showed so many episodes with him as the focus. Gotta love those two carpenters, Ralph and Alf, and of course, where would the show have been without Hank Kimball and Mr. Haney? There's also no doubt in my mind that Eva Gabor OWNED the character of Mrs. Douglas, and it's a good thing she stayed through the show's run. Nobody else could have played that part so smoothly.

Didn't know it lasted that long. According to an internet source it was on from '65-71. I saw the Roman numeral for 1967 in the copyright on the show's credits after a few episodes, which was what got me searching.

Green Acres is the place to be!!!!!!!!!
If it isn't, Babalon V is....
What I want.... need....demand... is Miami Vice on DVD!!!! But nooooo, the folks in the music industry can't get their shit together with the studio in order to make this happen. :soap:

My luck I'll copy my VHS tapes onto DVD and then they will release them.
They did it again this weekend!!! Wow, that was fast. Of course, zee leetle peeg was front and center, Arnold Ziffle hissef. I guess that's because pork fat rules, huh???


Must be a pretty popular show to have another weekend long festival so soon after the other. I know I had fun. You get to catch up on the ones you missed during the last festival. Do you know Arnold Ziffle once fell in love with a Basket Hound??? :?
Was that Mr. Hainey's Basset Hound? Mr. Hainey was my favorite character... after Arnold that is.
Yes, it was Mr. Haney's Basket Hound, and that was quite a problem, since Messrs. Haney and Ziffle don't speak to each other, having been feuding for ten years, although Mr. Ziffle can't remember what it's all about, "saying it must've been something pretty bad for me to remember it all this time."

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