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Have you guys checked out yet?
If you have never heard of it, crank your broadband and your speaker up and get over there.
It is a patriotic, motivating mosh pit. They take some hard core grooves and mix it with with coolest photos and footage you have ever seen and make some kick arse music videos out of them.
My favorite ones are:
Taliban Bodies
Die Terrorists Die
24th MEU in Iraq
Bomb Saddam
Helo Thunder.
These are on my daily play list. Watch them and you will see why.
Make me wanna lace up my old issued combat boots and go kick someone's arse or sign up for duty again!

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Someone sent me a really funny e-mail the other day. It was someone doing a bang up impression of Sinatra singing terrorist bashing lyrics to the tune of Strangers In The Night. I love this stuff.

Only in America. :dunno:
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