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Gun Butter - Competition Firearms Lubricant

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This is my first post anywhere. I apologize for in advance for any incorrectness on my behalf in writing this.

I am looking to contact Gun Zone writer Mr. Robert Firriolo, in regard to his testing of Specialized Gun Lubricants.
Our team has been working for several years to produce a gun lubricant that would work anywhere any time regardless of weather extremes.

I would like invite you to visit: http://www.gunbutter,com
Thank you for your time and consideration
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Welcome to the board, Mark. Your best bet is to e-mail Rob. You can do that right from the forum. Regarding your product, you can find our posting policies here.
Another gun care product? Man, I can't keep track anymore.

Rob's out of comm for a bit, but you now have his E-mail address courtesy of Fernando, and I'm sure he'll be back to you within the next week of so.

(i.e., I hope this wasn't a "time of the essence" kinda thing.)
You actually named your product "gun butter" ? That doesn't sound very tactical...

I would love to see the marketing study done on that... Hell, I would LOVE to do the marketing study on that.
re: Gun Butter name

Gage1911 said:
You actually named your product "gun butter" ? That doesn't sound very tactical...

I would love to see the marketing study done on that... Hell, I would LOVE to do the marketing study on that.
It is funny our need to develop our product was brought by using and being disappointed by every product purchased. Our goal was to ensure proper working condition of the gun to help enhance function and provide confidence of continued use.

I hope you get the opportunity to discover for yourself. The most immediate benefit of our lube is the felt difference. It feels like ball bearings, the finer the gun the more perceived the lubricity. A local gun shop Master Gunsmith lubed a rough 1911, and immediately became a dealer.

If you are like most of the rest of us hoping a buy a product that will do for us what the label said. You owe it to yourself to try "Gun Butter."

It is being used by some of the top stars of shooting today.
IE: Todd Jarrett, World and National Champion, Lisa Munson Seven time Ladies Champion of USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association), and Tequila (Richard Young) 5 Time Cowboy Action Shooting World Champion.

It really must be felt to be believed. It must be used to appreciate the true properties and continued reliable functioning regardless of environmental conditions.

There are and have been so may choices in weapons care. Our product was an evolution under constant speed shooting competition for several years all over America. Thanks to a Boeing Design Team of Engineers who endeavored a Continuous Quality Improvement Process. We are very grateful for there involvement and effected end product.

The name was derived by so many people remarking, "It feels like butter." The smoothness and speed increase in slide action is immediate.

As for a study, I would welcome any help.
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Since it's synthetic, and not organic based, shouldn't it be called "I can't believe it's not Gun Butter"?

OK, you can all groan now.
I don't think you'll sell any of your product unless you call it "Tactical Gun Butter." (Dye it black.)

Or maybe "Gun Butter Extreme."

And for the Ladysmiths, you need a line called "Mrs. Gunbuttersworth."

Thenkyew, thenkyew, I'll be here all week.... 8)
Okay, Mark, you're young, you're enthusiatic, you're excited, and you're over the line of the commercial announcement.

Wanna continue along those lines, contact Fernando about advertsing rates on AmBack.
Re: re: Gun Butter name

Dude, I was making a joke... If it works, it works, I don't care what it is called.
How about some free samples ? :twisted:

Not to worry, Jules… Mark has, um, moved on.

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