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Gun Clips!

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Some interesting firearms clips found around the 'Net (broadband only): The last one isn't new by any means, but I'd sure love to know the outcome of that event!
  1. Where did the shot wind up?[/*:145hp0d7]
  2. What happened to the officer?[/*:145hp0d7]
  3. Who took the civil portion of the case and how is that going?[/*:145hp0d7]
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I don't know the final resolution of No. 3, but she wasn't a newbie. At the time, the word was she was sent back to the academy for weapons training. That doesn't do a thing for the adrrinalin rush or the trust by other officers. Maybe the "Barney Fife Carry Mode" would be best for her - and her partner be the one entrusted with the cartridge.

No. 2 was a riot. :cryinlaugh:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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