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Gunmakers Happy Assault Weapons Ban Set To Expire (poll)

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A website is conducting a poll linked to the following article -- right now the pro gunners have a slight margin -- go and vote:

Gunmakers Happy Assault Weapons Ban Set To Expire
Gun Companies To Sell Military-Style Weapons

POSTED: 6:54 am EDT September 8, 2004

WASHINGTON -- With the federal ban on assault weapons set to expire next Monday, gun manufacturers are marketing military-style firearms and are ready to sell them as soon as Sept. 14, a consumer group said Tuesday.

"The gun industry is champing at the bit for the ban to expire," said Susan Peschin, firearms project director at the Consumer Federation of America, a nonprofit association of 300 consumer groups that released the study.

For the rest of the story and to vote in their poll -- click HERE
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40 for 60 against. Not bad.
It must be in my DNA

My dad once told me that he never drank a beer, or had any desire to, until the U.S. government passed a law that said he couldn't. (Prohibition, the Volstead Act, the 18th Amendment... you know.)

When they said he couldn't - he started drinking.

Well, I never wanted an AR-15 until the government got ready to say I couldn't have one. Before the ban I rushed out and got one.

It looks like the ban is about to expire - I certainly hope so.

Guess I'll start shopping around for an AK-47...........

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Oh yeah.

Did I mention high capacity magazines for my Glocks?

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
We should push the repeal of the Hughes amendment next.
Help Me With This One

OK, I need some help with the "Hughes Amendment."

Was this the one that had something to do with reviewing statistical records of how many people of a particular race were given the death penalty and considering this when sentencing people convicted of murder?

I thought that got modified in the committee that reconciled the House and Senate versions of the death penalty law.

You need to enlighten me.
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