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In the current issue of The American Rifleman there is an article about the new .26 Nosler by John Barnsness.

He was talking about all the hype that preceeded the actual arrival of anything.

He wrote:

"Of course, as soon as the .26 Nosler was announced, shooters started speculating about every possible detail, especially on the Internet, the mother-ship of people who don't know much and aren't afraid to go public."

A very perceptive observer he is. I've talked about this too but he said it better.

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Not a gunwriter myself, but as this seems to be becoming a thread for observations, thought I'd pitch in one too. :)

You know how the left's started whining about "If you [fillintheblank], you're [whatever]--check your privilege"? Well, here's my comeback...

"If you're a Bitchy Little Girl* who goes into eternal Epic Butthurt everytime somebody so much as BREATHES in a way you don't like... congratulations, you're a Leftist, and you probably piss off everyone you meet except your fellow Marxist Bitchy Little Girls simply by walking into the same room. Check YOUR Privilege..."
*Shamelessly ripped off from Sam Axe, the Bruce Campbell character in Burn Notice.
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