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I do not shoot my handgun nearly enough SF45 5" WWII setup but as Mr.Rex stated I have a more natural reflex to an open stance and one hand than the Weaver.I try to hard on the Weaver I had 2" orange targets about 15-20' away drawed and hit the 2" on the first shot by reflex.It was kinda like throwing a ball eye and hand :dunno: I am better by instinct it's just letting that instinct take over.I use to be really good with the M1 carbine under 75yds hitting the can landed make it fly again F sight acquisition only.I need to shoot more but had the L shoulder worked over 2wks ago and the elbow to wrist this Friday.I think I will join the new range the state created while out of work. ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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