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Handgun Training for Police in Norway

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It's old... from the 70's... but it's still funny.

If the image doesn't post:
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What's so funny about two knuckle-draggers, a guy with a blown out hip, and a discus thrower learning how to shoot?

Are you sure they are not security guards from one of our nuke sites? Not too long ago that could have been a picture of Wackenhut's finest.
Nope, Norway's finest police officers.
Photo was sent to me by a friend in Norway.
The guy doing the "Time Warp" (3rd from left) doesn't have his muffs over his ear, either.
This photo pretty much points out why Jeff Cooper is so awesome. I'm told this photo is actually from the 70's.
In the USA during the same time period, that's how our officers shot as well... but not even really that good. Because we didn't teach our guys to even use the sights. Point Shooting with one hand was the thing.
In 94 I spent 6 weeks in Idaho... Wife had some family things to do. To pass the time I drove armored car for Wells Fargo. They gave me an employee handbook that showed the same shooting position but holding the gun at belt level. That was in 94! Cooper's Modern Technique is well known to most of us now, but in a lot of places, it's still very new.
For those that don't know who Jeff Cooper is, he writes the little opinion bits on the last page of Guns and Ammo. You can also read his stuff here:
He's a very interesting fellow.
Raced Porsche 911's, served as a Marine officer in the south pacific, changed the way everyone shoots. Great American and one of the last of his kind.
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George said:
Raced Porsche 911's….
Upon recollection and belief, it was MGTDs, as the 911s weren't around when Jeff hung up his driving gloves.

There was a photo of Himself in one, complete with a little driving cap with a belt in the back on the wall of "Inspiration" when I attended my API250. I asked him about that as it appeared to be the now demobilized Bridgehampton Race Track about 20 miles from me, and he acknowledged that it was indeed Bridgehampton, and that he was a semi-regular there in the mid-'50s. (Had I but known!)

I think the first Porsche designated "911" was the 2.0 liter back in '63.
Good enough... he raced... and not round tracks or straight tracks either... that's all that matters.
Are ya sure those aren't the founding members of "The Pink Pistols"?
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