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Just got a chance to shoulder the 300 Win Mag North American against the US Armies Combat Infantry finest. Those kids are either getting better, or perhaps I'm getting "Older"? But it isn't totally over yet. I do expect the blood thinner induced bruises to show up by the end of the week. Yet I must admit that I'm no longer the winner, just an also ran! So it's time to pay homage to today's "Warriors". But even if the barrel quivers a bit more nowadays, it sure feel's good to compete even if just for a day. There is something comforting about snuggling up to a Bolt Action. When was the last time you took your Bolt Action for a workout?

Might not be as sexy or in demand as any of the black rifles, but with proper procedures it should get close to one whole performance.

PS Special footnote to (Mr Hummerville) Hummer hope the Doc's have been able to patch you up enough that you can start shooting once more.
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