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Yesterday I went to a public range, and ended up sharing it with just one other fellow by the name of Tom. He let me shoot his Glock ported .40, (Model 23?) and then commented that it was the gun he had used in a justifiable homicide a couple of years back.

He was attacked by a goblin wielding a shovel handle. The goop got in a couple of good licks to Tom's head before Tom was able to create some distance. As the goop advanced again, Tom drew and point shot from the hip, firing three times. All three shot struck the goblin. The range was approximately 12 to 15 feet.
He wasn't specific on the load used, just that the gun had a hollow point in the chamber, and the magzine was loaded with FMJ alternated with HP. His first and third rounds were HP, with the second being FMJ. The FMJ hit the goblin in the wrist, shattering it and part of the bone in the forearm. One of the HP's hit the assailant in the lower left abdomen, and the other hit him in his upper right chest area. Tom said this was the fatal shot, but he wasn't sure if it was the first or third shot he fired. He related that when the ambulance took him (Tom) away, the goop was still alive but spitting and coughing lots of blood.

I asked Tom how long it took for the goop to go down. He said that after he fired, the fellow grunted once, took two steps, and then dropped.

Tom's injuries cost him a month out of work. The shooting was ruled a justifiable homicide, and I would say that from what he related to me, that was true not only from a legal point of view but also from a moral point of view.
I make this distinction because SC does have a "make my day" law which says that if you shoot an intruder in your home during the hours of darkenss, regardless of what the intruder's actions are, it will be ruled a justifiable shooting. IOW, if one were to find a drunk stranger had entered and passed out on the floor at 3:00AM, one could blow him away while he was unconcious and not presenting any threat, and it would be legally justifiable. To me, that's just plain murder; I could not shoot anyone unless there was some indication of lethal threat.

At any rate, I found this to be interesting because of two things: he didn't use his sights but got good hits anyway, and the reaction of the assailant to being shot seems to be about typical; not going down right away, but still being stopped before he could do more harm. I can't help but wonder if he might have gone down even faster if Tom had used his sights and put all three into the chest area.

It did seem strange that a pistol caliber FMJ would do so much damage to the forearm, but Tom was definitely clear about the fact that it not only shattered the guy's wrist but also part of his forearm. That sounds like the tales I've heard of 5.56mm hitting a VC in the ankle and shattering the whole leg because of the bullet instability of the 5.56. That might be possible with that cartridge, but it seems pretty weird to me that it would happen with a much lower velocity/heavier/more stable pistol cartridge.

It just goes to prove that:
Real life can't be duplicated in a lab
Truth can be stranger than fiction
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I've seen a femur that was shattered by a 9mm. Not just broken, but shattered. I remember the caliber, but I don't remember anything else about the load. For that matter, I'm not sure if I ever heard anything else about the load. I'm not at all surprised that a forearm might fare poorly against a 9mm.
3 for 3 shooting from the hip? Well, it's not my recommended tactic, but it's awfully hard to argue with success.
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