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Greetings, TGZers. I just discovered this place Friday evening (from a posted link on and already The Lovely Mrs. Snake has "cut me off" because I've been up reading the site until 3AM the last two nights!

And it's been darn close to worth it. She'll come back around. She always does.

I always wondered what happened to Waldo Lydecker/DS. I really enjoyed his stuff in CH.

I gather this is a place where I can speak my opinion of Glocks freely? (They really are a cult, you know. I once started a cyber-riot on by posting that I thought Glocks were fine for people who weren't quite bright enough to learn how to operate a real gun. Hoo-ee, you'd a thought I'd posted that I liked to wipe my rear end with the flag, or somthing. Except that if I'd posted THAT, I don't think half the board would have lined up in support of me!)

Did I mention this is a great site? :D

Richard Jefferies, do you by any chance happen to be a fan of the late, great Warren Zevon?
i don't understand the question.
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