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Hello from the Alaskan NW coast!

Sky Vertebrate Snow Beard Slope

Im Rex in OTZ*, long time resident of NW Alaska.

* OTZ is the airport designator for Kotzebue Alaska.
Named for Otto Von Kotzebue the Russian explorer that found people already here (Inuit) 1817 Kotzebue Sound. ☆

I first looked to GunHub as I was in search of a fix for a problematic Remington 552 Speedmaster that had a whole fish sack full of problems.
One the posts on the GunHub rimfire forum had a possible fix for my FTF.
I found the problem after 3 years (not mentioned on any sight) and got er fixed.
You can check out my progress from 2016 to 2019 as I tried to figure out what was wrong with the Gifted Rem 552.
I look forward to seeing what may come up as time passes on GunHub.

where in the world? o.t.
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