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I've bought an ASI PASI-1 Riot Gun with an 18.5" barrel, which seems to be a "cross" between a Remington Model 870 & the Benelli "Standard Police" model, with a stock/fore-end that seems to be a similar material to that of the US M16/M4. = VERY nice quality machining/finish/functioning for such an inexpensive pump-gun, too!!!
(ImVho, the Turkish company that made this firearm "got it RIGHT".)

The rear the receiver of the little 12gauge pump is quite obviously drilled & tapped for a rear (probably peep or "ghost ring" sight but an Internet search doesn't tell me WHICH sight.
(The pump-gun came with a ramped front sight, factory installed.)

Does anyone KNOW which sight is correct and/or where to acquire it?

yours, sw
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