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A fella on another forum totally unrelated to guns acquired this rifle just recently after his father passing.The father got this rifle back in the 50's(?) and never shot it so it looks.It has some markings on the stock that seem familiar but not,the CSA got me wondering.I think the having the box adds itself to the rifle lending credibilty to an offical arsenal rebuild?


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Thanks Tommy.What's your thoughts the box is still present? I thought that was a nice piece of whats the word starts with a "P" :dunno: brain lapse.....providence that the word ......

The fella mentioned the area in front of the markings a number was removed viva a wire bruxh maybe?
Tommy you could be right might be the Armourer's mark.I found this though it deals with M1 Garand it makes a note about marks.

EB:Elmer Bjerke was promoted on January 6th, 1947 to Forman of small arms inspection at Rock Island Arsenal. He was responsible for the final inspection of new and overhauled small arms. He served in that capacity until 1958. All small arms inspected under his supervision bear the markings "RIA" for Rock Island Arsenal and "EB" for Elmer Bjerke.

Frank Krack was Assistant Foreman of the Inspection Division at Rock Island Arsenal from September 17, 1941 until he retired on July 19th, 1946. During that period all small arms inspected under his supervision would be stamped with his initials "FK" as well as those of the Rock Island Arsenal "RIA

Arsenal overhaul and inspection stamps

Now if I can find out who was in charge of RRA in from WWII to 1960 might be his initials?I have another thought the the gun came in a RIA box must of been how things were sold to the public you know central store front to say?
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Found this ...

Anniston Arsenal: AN
Agusta Arsenal: AA
Benicia Arsenal: BA
Mt. Rainer Ordance Depot: MR
Ogden Arsenal: OG
Raritan Arsenal: RA
Red River Arsenal: RRA
Rock Island Armory: RIA [EB] or RIA [FK]

San Antonio Armory: C-SAA
Springfield Armory: S.A. or S.H.M
Standard Products STD, PROD, RWH
Underwood .U.
Credit Scott Duff and Larry Ruth

M1 Carbine
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There were no inspectors stamps added to Carbines after they were manufactured, only arsenal stamps for official rebuilds, so CSA is not an inspectors stamp

So is it a second rearsenal then?for San Antonio maybe?I found a site showing a stock hit twice.

Thanks Dfariswheel for the input I was thinking 2nd rebuild was just about to email Stan see if he could get me some history on RRA.By the way put your post so the fella could read with your credits thanks again ;)
Notice though Stan it's listed C-SAA..I am thinking it went CSA or SAA depending on the time frame just a thought.Stan that is one I have been wanting to p/u an Enfield.I had a chance on one 15 years ago faded red stripe on the stock w/bayo; shot beautifully $800 had it appraised was a fair price.I do not know how but some funds disappear out of the account .....wife :)
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