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AGREED 100%. ======> Fyi, I believe that the "official position" of & "some pressure in Austin" by THE TEXAS NATIONAL GUARD ASSN. on the TXAGO got that UTTER FOOLISHNESS changed. = Active duty military personnel here CAN lawfully carry personal handguns concealed "off duty" everywhere but ON post/base/station, unless the commander allows ON DUTY concealed carry.
(Fwiw, our TNGA is quite "politically influential".)

NOTE: I was stationed at a few Army & ARNG posts/camps in my career where ON POST carry was PERMITTED, at the discretion of the Commander. = As I've said elsewhere on this forum, at one "sparsely populated station" we trained, qualified, swore in & issued .38SPL revolvers to all of the Range Control NCOs, warrant & commissioned officers, after "appointing" them as Deputy Post Game Wardens, simply because we didn't have enough DoD Guards/Police and/or MPs to deal with the "on post crime problems".
(Once the "special deputations" were announced in the "DB", the post newspaper and in the local county newspapers, crime FELL by about ONE THIRD. = IF you were a "potential lawbreaker", would you "possibly reconsider your planned behavior" IF you KNEW that every CUCV, OD-green pickup, duty sedan and tactical vehicle MIGHT be an armed Game Warden's vehicle?)

just my opinion, sw

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1,727 Posts would have been interesting to see how the Left reacted to their initial stance.

Let's see: The Left maintains that the "Militia clause" limits the Second Amendment's application to the National Guard, which somehow, in their minds, is the modern-day version of the militia.

The State of Texas then decides that the Second Amendment specifically does NOT apply to guardsmen.

By rights, the Left should have been mightily aggrieved at this blatant denial of a constitutional right.

Whoa...sorry...I must have drifted off there for a second.
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