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Just jumpin' in here. Never have I owed a handgun til 2 weeks ago when I purchased my first, a S&W Shield 40 cal. I did some more research and fo nd another I really liked after checkin' out many different reviews and handling the gun myself, a Beretta Px4 Storm full size. I really wanted to get the subcompact for CC but it just didn't conceal as well since the Shield is much thinner. I'm a thin guy and it was harder to hide, although I still might grab one just to have it.

A little about myself: I grew up shootin' rifles and learned from my father whom can put holes upon holes with his target rifles at 200 yards which isn't sayin' too much but his calmness and steadiness is amazing. I am not as good as him but am very accurate with a rifle. A few years ago I decided to take up archery. I began bow hunting for the first year and the following 2 years I've decided to begin to compete. In 2 years I've won many local 3D events and have placed well in target events also, the most recent was at the Wisconsin state shoot where I took 4th place in my bow hunter class.

I have a passion for excellence and will learn quickly with my drive. I've now been out 3 times, twice with my Shield and yesterday with my Px4. The first time I shot low with the Shield barely hitting the target. To my credit it was -6 degrees that morning and I just wanted to shoot the gun since it was purchased a week prior. After taking it home and dry firing it and watching the sight I noticed the sight was dipping right upon the trigger breaking. I now have that fixed with grip position researched and secured. I do notice however that the Shield likely because of its slimmer grip torques left or right very easily pending on grip pressure and trigger finger position. I'm no novice to grip pressure since that's everything when shooting archery. I will certainly do more practicing and figure out what is most consistent.

As for my what an awesome gun. I purchased the 9mm cal and I was extremely impressed with the accuracy. Shooting at 35 yards I was hitting a pie plate consistently and at 12 yards was shooting a fist size group with a couple flyers just high and right. There's next to no muzzle flip and in fact seems to dip if anything.

That leads me to my question. Knowing I need to practice as much as possible (which is definitely in my future) when I rapidly fire I hit low, left and right are fine but just low. The low group is as tight as the fist sized "bullseye" group but is 6" low at 12 yards. Like I said, I'm sure practice comes into play here and I need to slowly work my way up to shooting quicker through the slow repetitious practice however any tips would be very helpful. When dry firing I do not see the muzzle dip and I cannot replicate the multi shot single action when dry firing. Also, I did put the larger grip on as to lesson the room between my palm and the rear of the grip thinking to create just a bit more pressure to hold that barrel up on target. Maybe that's wrong but I do have fairly large hands so it was a good decision either way.

Thanks for all of the advice in advance!

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Walk before you run.

Don't even try to shoot fast until you can deliver a good shot every time slowly. Just because the gun holds ten rounds doesn't mean you have to shoot them all at once.

Quality over quantity. The number of rounds you shoot in a session is irrelevant... if you're jerking the trigger and the rounds are all over the place all you are doing is practicing a bad habit

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YEP. AWOL for a few days.

My lady has been back in the hospital yet again.
(She's back home now.)
Then I got food poisoning.
(am all better/regular now)
Then was totally involved in the election here, with all that elections entail in a Presidential year
(I'm a presiding judge for 2 Southside precincts.)
Had a few other odd things going on.

Life happens, seemingly all at one time, as I'm sure that you've noticed.

yours, sw
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