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Hi guys...

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Just thought I'd drop in and introduce myself. My name is Steve Sargent, and I'm an old handgun hunter, cop and firearms instructor. I've been beating around the firearms sites on the idjitnet for about 5 years, where I'm known elsewhere (mostly the old "sixgunner" board) as "Sarge" or "invssgt". Looks like quite a gathering of eagles here. I have been reading some of you for many a moon now.

Here's a point of interest for those of you who, like myself, think the Springfield XD is a pretty decent service pistola. We bought a couple here recently, and they have been very good shooters and quite reliable. I signed up over at to see how those folks were getting along with them. I am "invssgt" on that board- my son beat me to "Sarge" there.

As great as the 9mm XD's are, it appears we have discovered a little quirk with the .40's, involving "Premature Slide Lock" for lack of a better term. I decided to look into it and what I found can be seen at ... highlight=

You guys can read it for yourselves, and decide whether to welcome me aboard or huck rocks at me. This pretty little redhead just informed me that supper was ready, so I am going to turn my attention to higher priorities for a bit and will check back in later.

Fine board here, guys. And Dean- TGZ is a great site. Thanks for going to the trouble of running it.
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Hey Steve, welcome. I'm new here too.

Thank you both...

I've been reading here for a while when time permits, and decided to just go ahead and sign up. Good crowd here.
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