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High gas prices(pg)

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With the rising cost of gas, competition had increased to the point
that a gas station in Mississippi was trying new ideas to increase it's
sales. So one day the owner put up a sign saying "Free Sex with

Soon a local "*******" pulled in, filled his tank, and then asked for
his free sex.

The owner told him to pick a number from 1 to 10 and if he guessed
correctly, he would get his free sex. The "*******" guessed 8 and the
proprietor said, "You were close. The number was 7. Sorry, no sex this

A week later, the same "*******", along with his buddy, Bubba, pulled
in for a fill-up, and again he asked for his free sex. The proprietor
again gave him the same story and asked him to guess the correct

The "*******" guessed 2 this time. The proprietor said, "Sorry, it
was 3. You were close, but no free sex this time."
As they were driving away, the "*******" said to Bubba, "I think that
game is rigged and he doesn't really give away free sex."

Bubba replied, "No it ain't Billy Ray. I know that it ain't rigged
because my wife won three times already!
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