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Gentlemen, a friend brought me a bag of rifle parts the other week. It's a Sears Model 25 his father owned. He decided he was going to 'Restore' it in memory of his father. well, he couldn't get it back together and brought it to me. Well, I've got it back together for the most part but, I can't find any disassembly/assembly info on it on the net. I've got the weird trigger group back together right but, the bolt won't enter the receiver all the way. If I take the trigger group apart and install the bolt, it all goes together and the bolt works but, it won't fire. I've gotten new Hammer and trigger plungers and springs in it from Numrich.

Does anybody have any data on this rifle or can anybody E-mail me prints for disassembly/reassembly from the Gun Digest book of Rimfires? I hate to spend $40.00 on a manual for one gun.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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