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Hornady is putting out a notice that one lot of 135 gr. 9mm +P Critical Duty ammunition is being recalled. Lot #3141635.

"Item number 90226, LOT # 3141635" as per the official notice from Hornady.

See: Product Warning and Recall Notice: 90226 - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc

The DUF Digest list posits that the reason may be Hornady testers finding that there are light or missing powder charges in the rounds, which may lead do a dangerous situation. (The possibility that a round might not leave the barrel, causing a blockage that would result in a major problem the next time a round was discharged.)

With thanks to Stephen P. Wenger at the DUF Digest list
( [email protected] )

If you have some of the stuff, don't load it up until you check your lot numbers and see if you need to call Hornady.
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