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How do I keep my eye-glasses from fogging up?

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I participate in some Garand Matches and have a problem with my eye-glasses fogging up, especially on humid mornings. I've tried commercial cleaners that claim to prevent fogging, but they don't really help.

Has anyone found a product that really works?

Thanks in advance.
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check out the "Rain-X" products. They are usually found in automotive stores.

I used to use glycerin, but m'darlin' is a staunch believer in Rain-Ex and I'm down with her…

Before every trip she sluices down the windshield and rear window with the stuff, and it freakin' works! We were on the Maine Turnpike four nights back in a minor monsoon, and didn't even have the wipers on!

I use it on my lenses now as well.

I've used Rain-X on our vehicles and I agree with Dean, the stuff works. For plastic surfaces like a motorcycle helmet visor I've used Novus 1 Plastic Clean & Shine.
Rain-X vs eyeglasses

Our volunteer rescue squad (my wife & I are both Life Members) uses Rain-X on exterior windshield, windows, and mirrors. We use another one of the Rain-X products (Fog-X?????) on the inside of the windshield, inside mirror, etc. Works fine. Glass must be clean BEFORE you treat it.

I don't use it on my glasses - three pair have plastic lenses, and one glass lenses. One mistake and I have major costs to replace the plastic lenses.

I have a cleaning solution that my optician "gave" me when I bought the glasses - 3 trifocals with the "intermediate" zone set at pistol front sight distance. One clear, one amber, one sun. It works fine, and retards fogging, but doesn't eliminate it. My only glass set of glasses is bifocals, near and intermediate zones only -- for use with this computer.
I'm one of the guys from and i say thanks and wanted to comment on what a wonderful site you have here. As for the fogging up issue, my wife cleans the mirrors in the bathrooms with a water and vinegar solution of equal parts. She spays it on with a spray bottle and wipes clean. Works perfect and is cheap. hope this helps
:D And, if your back's ever to the wall, you can always spit on the lens and wipe them dry. (Don't laugh. When was the last time you were on stand with a bottle of Rain-X in your pocket? It may not be Rain-X; but, in a pinch, spit works!) :wink:

From the world of, 'Living Off The Land' you can, also, try rubbing the bathroom mirror with a large piece of onion, too. (This way, if you feel like crying every time you look in the mirror, it might be something other than the way you look!) :mrgreen:

Be careful using Rain-X on any plastic products. It has ruined many widshields on friend's motorcycles. I clean my plastic lenses and windshield with Honda Spray Polish and it works pretty good except on heavy humid days. You can also try Pledge. That works for me also..
Anyone know of any products that work on polycarbonate lenses?
The stuff that they sell at Moto Solutions is the absolute best. Kind of expensive, but it works.
Pledge Furniture Polish, makes your glasses smell lemon fresh!
Ok 30Cal I'll ask.
Where do you get your Cat Crap.
Not really an answer to your question, but...

Move to a dry climate. :neer:

This product is advertised with a money back guarantee and has many outlets where it is available . FogTech is for glasses etc.. Have you tried it? I have not. I have used an anti fogging in my dive mask which I purchased at my local dive shop. Works great in the Pacific Ocean North Coast.
Ramrod said:
Ok 30Cal I'll ask.
Where do you get your Cat Crap.
I picked it up at a ski shop somewhere. I've also got a Smith Anti-Fog cloth I got at REI ($1.99) but I keep forgetting to try it.

Originally posted by Ramrod:
Ok 30Cal I'll ask.
Where do you get your Cat Crap.

I picked it up at a ski shop somewhere. I've also got a Smith Anti-Fog cloth I got at REI ($1.99) but I keep forgetting to try it.


Ahh Snow boarders!
I had never heard of Cat Crap before, so I was trying to place that type of marketing name.
I tried the rain-X and I still fog up. Of course if I could get myself trained to purse my mouth in a way to direct my breath away from the stock and the back of the receiver I would probably be fine. Unfortunately I ussually forget to do that three or more times during a match. The dive shop sounds like a good possibility also.
Thanks for the tips.
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