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Rain-X vs eyeglasses

Our volunteer rescue squad (my wife & I are both Life Members) uses Rain-X on exterior windshield, windows, and mirrors. We use another one of the Rain-X products (Fog-X?????) on the inside of the windshield, inside mirror, etc. Works fine. Glass must be clean BEFORE you treat it.

I don't use it on my glasses - three pair have plastic lenses, and one glass lenses. One mistake and I have major costs to replace the plastic lenses.

I have a cleaning solution that my optician "gave" me when I bought the glasses - 3 trifocals with the "intermediate" zone set at pistol front sight distance. One clear, one amber, one sun. It works fine, and retards fogging, but doesn't eliminate it. My only glass set of glasses is bifocals, near and intermediate zones only -- for use with this computer.
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