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How does Schmit celebrate the 4th of July?

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Any major explosions or fireworks on the agenda? :lol:
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I, like any AMURCAN, celibrate it the normal way. Going to a parade, Cooking out, then going to watch fireworks!

If I every decide to do more (and follow my desires) I'll get Certified by Grucci. :twisted: :twisted: (came this >< close to taking the Certification training when I lived in NY)

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Make sure we are all notified if and when you ever get certified!

(Hey, I thought you were certifiable!)

But if you see him wearing Nomex.... flee
Hey Schmit, just curious again. Who's your insurance provider? :roll:
OH, I have to get a T-Shirt made like that...

Front... "If you see me wearing Nomax..."

Back.... "FLEE!"

Schmit, you do understand there is a difference between "certified" and "certifiable," right?


Happy Independence Day to all!
Yes I do...

Certifiable means you are 21 years or older, be able to travel to Brookhaven NY, have the necessary tuition fees and be intelligent enought to complete all four course.

Certified means you have done the above!

Yes? :twisted:
Schmit said:
Certified means you have done the above!
I was thinking more along the lines of #2 here. :wink:
Yeah but they gave him a choice. "Son you can either be declared insane or just sign here for a vacation on Uncle Sam... :twisted:
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