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I found this forum from Shotgun Forums. I am trying to get enough interest in a sticker to get DC Vinyl Graphics to print it up and offer it for sale without wanting to charge me $50 for it.

That being said I would still like ot be a regular member of this forum even if my original intent was to gather interest for a sticker. I am not selling it, nor do I have any connection to the company so I "think" I'm within the T&C's. If not would an admin please delete and except my apologies.

If allowed (not banned) I intend to bookmark this page and participate in this forum. Below is the post I'm spreading around. They have a bunch of cool stickers for gun guys like us. I want the one shown and hope enough folks will contact them and they'll print it up.

If there is any interest please post and email DC Vinyl Graphics.
IT IS IMPORTANT TO EMAIL THE COMPANY as I do not want to broker this for them.
If they see enough interest they'll print it.
I want one for my Pelican gun case if the price is not high.
I'm thinking 10 inch square. Any interest?

Hello Ken - How many are you looking to purchase? Do you want 10" or if you want bigger, what size?
Let us know and we'll get back to you with a price.
Thank you,
DC Vinyl & Graphics
(631) 676-1725
[email protected]
DC Vinyl & Graphics - vinyl lettering, banners, boat lettering, stickers, wall decals, digital prints, window lettering, vinyl car decals


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While many might agree with the sentiment, in these times, it's not one that one may wish to advertise. It could be used as a club to beat you with in court at a time where you'll already have enough troubles.
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