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Hope you don't mind I let myself in.... I just wanted to say hello to an old friend that I heard was whoopin' it up, kickin' butt and forgettin' names :wink:

Anyway, Bloof, it's Smoothseoulchic from another board, and I just wanted to say hi!

I'll be sticking my nose in here once in a while if that's ok with you-

oh, and is cigar smoking allowed? 8)

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Fire up that stogie, guy! We're a very anti-PC crowd here! In fact, we have on forum dedicated just to cigars.

Welcome aboard!
SSC said:
oh, and is cigar smoking allowed? 8)

No. Not ever. :p At least not more than one at a time.
Welcome aboard, and by all means, please stick around. By the way, the young lady who has just joined our forums here does indeed provide some confusion by way of her handle. She leaves out the 'k' in the word 'chick' and so it looks like she's saying 'smooth seoul chic' (pronounced sheek) and so you don't realize she is in fact, a lady. And we do welcome ladies to this site.

If you're human, you're welcome, and if a cigar smoker, by all means, please cruise the forums, and head on over to Cigars, or any place you prefer, and do stick around. Or at least, spend some time once in a while.

Hey, I wonder, could we get Bigg Bosss Mann to let hippos on the site? How about capybaras? Rabbits? Mice? Dogs?


Special Ed.

:D :D :D
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Man, I knew there was a reason I liked you- you notice the "k" missing, and you're the first person to pronounce the sheik part!

Damn. Never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the welcome, and yes, the last time I checked, I'm human. Well, 98% of the time anyways.
Well, having been confused by it on "another web site" and getting my answer without embarrassing myself, it's in my mental files. Glad to see you around. Hope all is well with you and your loved ones. We're trying to hit the turbocharger on the chat forums around here, and people like you could certainly provide added horsepower, known as 'helper engines' or 'pushers' in railroad parlance.
Ooops, my bad! Welcome still, madam! Now that's in my mental file too.

I hope you will forgive the misunderstanding on my part; I didn't take time to read any profile info, just jumped in and said hello.
I wouldn't worry about it RJ. Smoothseoulchic knows how to roll with the punches, has a great wit, sense of humor, intelligence and can be very patient and understanding.

By the way, that picture of you is VERY handsome. Gives new meaning to the old saying "18 with a bullet." :D
I'm almost scared to ask, Bloof; WHAT picture?
Who let the dawgs in?

Well since Bloof mentioned me, Here I am. Can I infer that you are from the wonderful land of Korea? I have a hankerin for some kim chee right about now.

Why Mr. Jefferies, your picture is located in the same position under your name as Special Ed's. Ain't he a handsome feller? Congenial lookin' too.
Well, Bloof, I am a rather handsome looking fellow, aren't I? And if I do say so myself, I think I'm pretty intelligent and articulate considering I'm nothing more than a hunk of metal and plastic....

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's my Kimber Ultra Ten II .45ACP, given to me by my wife as a 25th anniversary present. She got a 22" strand of pearls.
A right handsome feller indeed. And a lesson to all guys out there, if your wife gets you one of those, you'd BETTER get her nothing less than a 22" string of pearls. :D 8)

But of courrrrrrse. 8)
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