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Hoyt GameMaster T/D recurve

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New for Aug 04.

Has an aluminum Tec riser in black w clear glass limbs or cammo w camo.

62" AMO. Comes w DynaFlyte97 Flemish string, silencers, nock points, rest/plate, wreches, and nice padded case. Drilled for sight, stabilizer, quiver, and plunger.

Tried one Friday night and bought it. It is fast, smooth, and quiet. Very light in the hand.

The supplied padded rest/plate were not thick enough for me (it's cut way past center), shot way to the right for me. Installed a NAP Flipper plunger rest.

I like it a lot.

Now I have it all covered: high-tech (Hoyt GameMaster T/D recurve), low-tech (Martin Hunter recurve) and no-tech (Martin Savannah longbow). As far as "traditional" stuff goes anyway. :wink:
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Hoyt GameMaster T/D

I have a GameMaster available at a local archery shop but have not shot it yet. Can you tell me what you like about it versus your Martin Hunter? One negative thing that I have heard about it is the smaller handle. I am looking for something to target shoot primarily and this length seems like the right one. Thanks!
I like 'em both a lot. If I had to choose between them, it would be really hard...

The Hoyt seems quieter at my "sweet spot" brace height of 7.5 inches (specs at 7.25 - 7.75, YMMV), which is lower than the Hunter's (7.75 - 8.5). There is more defelx in the limbs coming off the riser, so it's easier to string. Since I have the adjustable flipper rest, I can fine tune it a bit easier, so I shoot tighter groups easier w the Hoyt.

The grips are small; I bought the larger wooden grips that are available. They should ship w those grips IMO.
Thanks for the post. I have been looking at some recurves and longbows lately and like the "modern" type. Was wondering how the gamemaster and coyote from PSE were.

Now to find a shop around here that has them in stock to try out. :roll:
From 20 yds on a good day. All those other holes are from the kids... ;)


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