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Anyone who ordered an HRA SG after mid July just got bumped up two notches. I cancelled my order for two of them and got Greek HRA Rackers instead. Boy do I like these two rifles!

The first had a really bad stock and gas cylinder. I had spares of each, which I replaced and went to the range. This gun is a real shooter. The LMR barrel has minimal TE and MW. Tag marked bore. A slight pit just aft of the muzzle, but boy does it shoot. Better than most of my SG's.

The second was also tagged RG Bore. TE of 3, MW of 2. This is the cleanest CMP rifle I've ever seen out of the box. The stock is in better condition than even my CG's. Nice finish, ice tight gas cylinder and rear sight and smooth trigger. These Greek rackers are a good value. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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